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Shanghai Customs

Rule for foreign passport holders

Import household goods into Shanghai

In November 2015 Shanghai Customs started to enforce an existing rule for foreign passport holders. Only long term transferees (with either work or residence permit valid over 365 days) are allowed to import household goods into Shanghai. Recently, Shanghai customs started to apply the same rule for outbound sea shipments. While they have previously accepted to clear shipments with permits valid for 10-12 months plus an explanation letter from the company in China, this is no longer the case.

All clients with permits valid less than 365 days are now treated as“ short-term assignments”and are therefore only allowed to include basic household items, such as clothes, kitchenware, etc. in their shipments. Items that are no longer allowed include all types of furniture, food & electronics (i.e. TVs, video camera, HIFI systems and speakers, lamps, refrigerator, washer/dryer, desktop computer etc.)

The above does not apply for clients with short term permits if they had previous permits issued over 365 days with no interruption to the current one.

We will continue to monitor the situation.

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