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Are you moving and paying for the service yourself?

Or are you moving and is your company providing this as part of your relocation service?

Either way …. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions our Operators get when moving our clients!

Let us Move You ...

Moving Yourself

01.How much does a household goods removal service typically cost?

The cost varies based on distance, volume, mode and any additional services needed.

02.Can you provide an estimate based on the size of my home and the distance of the move?

Typically we would book you in for a virtual survey, this helps determine the volume of items your moving, so - Yes, we can provide an estimate tailored to your circumstances.

03.What factors affect the cost of the removal service?

Distance, volume of items, complexity of the move, mode of transport, urgency and extra services.

04.Do you offer packing services, and how much do they cost?

Yes, we offer professional packing. Costs depend on items and packing extent.

05.Can I choose the date and time for the removal service?

We try to accommodate your preferences, depending on our availability.

06.How far in advance should I book the removal service?

Booking several weeks in advance secures your desired date. However we do work with you if it is a last minute request.

07.What insurance options do you provide for my belongings during the move?

We offer various insurance options for your belongings' protection. Click this link for our policy details INSURANCE

08.Are there any items that cannot be transported by the removal service?

Hazardous materials and certain items for safety reasons. Our extensive list is available on our website or from your Move operator.

09.Do I need to disassemble furniture or appliances before the move, or will your team handle that?

Our team can handle disassembly and reassembly if needed. This can be discussed at the time of survey with our team.

010.What measures do you take to protect my furniture and other belongings during the move?

We use protective padding, blankets, and secure loading techniques. Our crew are experienced in export professional packing services and everything is industry standard.

011.Can you provide packing materials and boxes, and are they included in the cost?

Yes, we offer materials, and their cost can be included in your estimate if you book with us.

012.Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the removal service?

Organize items, disconnect appliances, and ensure accessibility.

013.How long will it take to complete the entire move, from packing to unloading at the new location?

Timing varies based on distance, items moving and to be packed, and move complexity.

Sometimes a 4 bed house can take 3 days for a pack and load, so this really depends on your volume of items.

014.Can you help with unpacking and setting up my belongings at the new house?

Yes, we offer unpacking and setup services for your convenience, this can be discussed at the time of your move.

015.What happens if there are delays on the moving day?

We work closely with you to manage delays and adjust the schedule.

016.Do you offer storage options in case I need to store some items before or after the move?

Yes, we offer both short-term and long-term storage solutions.

017.Are your removal teams experienced and properly trained for handling delicate or valuable items?

Our experienced teams are trained to industry standard and beyond to handle delicate and valuable items.

We have much experince in this area of expertiese.

018.What forms of payment do you accept for your services?

We accept credit cards and bank transfers, revolut and stripe. Payment options will be discussed at time of booking.

019.Are there any additional fees I should be aware of, such as for parking permits or tolls?

Additional fees might include parking permits or tolls, depending on your move details. This will be outlined in the terms of your move, you will have the opportunity to read through these before you accept.

020. Can you provide references or testimonials from previous customers?

Yes, we can provide references or testimonials to showcase our track record and customer satisfaction.

Company Remuneration

Moving as part of your company remuneration package ... some questions answered below

01.What is the company's relocation policy, and what expenses will be covered?

You may have to check this internally yourself with HR, we can help to ask this on your behalf however through communications with our agents.

The company's relocation policy may outline benefits such as; transportation, storage, and temporary housing.

Covered expenses depend on policy details, your role within the company and allowances as per your contract.

02.Are there any limitations on the moving services or options I can choose?

Preferred vendors might be listed to ensure consistent and reliable services.

Some flexibility might be allowed while adhering to company standards.

03.Can I select the moving company, or is there a preferred list of vendors I should use?

Preferred moving company options might be provided for quality control.

Opting for one of these vendors aligns with company guidelines. Normally Natross is appointed by the Company and not the transferee.

04.How do I initiate the relocation process, and whom should I contact within the company for assistance?

Contact your HR or relocation department to start the process.

They'll guide you through steps and connect you with the right contacts.

05.Is there a budget or spending limit for the move, and how do I submit expenses for reimbursement?

A budget might be set for relocation expenses.

Reimbursement usually requires submitting expense reports with attached receipts.

06.What documentation or receipts will I need to provide for the reimbursement process?

Receipts for various costs, like moving services and travel, are typically necessary.

Proper documentation ensures accurate reimbursement.

07.Can I receive assistance with finding temporary housing or a new home at the destination?

Companies often offer support for temporary housing or home search.

This assistance can involve relocation specialists or real estate agent recommendations.

08.Will the company cover any additional costs associated with moving, such as travel expenses for house-hunting trips?

Some companies extend coverage to extra costs, like house-hunting trips or meals during relocation.

It's worth inquiring about these possibilities.

09.Is there a timeframe within which the relocation needs to be completed?

Many companies set a relocation timeframe to ensure a smooth transition.

This helps manage expectations for both you and the company.

10.Are there any tax implications or allowances related to the relocation benefits?

Relocation benefits can have tax implications.

Consult your company's HR or finance department for advice on potential tax considerations or allowances tied to your benefits.

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