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Office, Business & Corporate Moves

Are you moving your business to a new premises?

Office Moves

Whether you are remodelling your office, moving to a different floor or transferring to a whole new premises, we have the skills and necessary tools to make sure your move has minimal impact on your business operations, with zero down time.

Planning and project management are the most important aspects of successful office relocation. We supply a dedicated removals team to complete the move in a timely and efficient manner. Our crews understand your business requirement to return to operational status as swiftly as possible and have a full appreciation for your environment.

Our experienced surveyors will call to your premises to give you an accurate and competitive price for your office moving project.

We recognise that the physical move is a major event – the culmination of months of diligent preparation and planning. To ensure faultless delivery on the day, we prepare an overall master relocation strategy, followed up by thorough logistical plans, comprehensive checklists and rigorous processes, all dovetailed with a multi-faceted communications programme. When it comes to implementation, our style is proactive, pragmatic and hands-on.

Space planning

Our space planners examine and develop space plans that optimise the use of space within a current location or a new location, enabling the customer to visualise an environment and work space to provide staff with a pleasant, modern and harmonious environment.

IT Decomm/Recomm

We provide the time-saving service of de-commission/re-commission for all pcs and printers so you don’t have to. This way your staff can arrive into work on the first day in your new premises and get to work straight away without the hassle of setting up their new desk.

Office Relocation

Moving your business can be a stressful time for management and staff alike, with this in mind we have identified the key elements to a successful relocation. Our philosophy is simple – planning and communication. Our goal is to always achieve zero down time so as to ensure minimum disruption to your staff.


Nat Ross are one of only a handful of moving companies licensed to remove items for recycling.

Cleaning Service

Nat Ross will arrange cleaning of your old and new premises.

Crate Hire

File crates and computer crates are available for long or short term hire. We deliver and distribute all types of plastic crates required for your commercial move. A full packing service is available or we can simply supply the file crates and PC crates for you.

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